it is the end times...

Glee is covering "one bourbon, one scotch, one beer".

Its like Hello Kitty has tied good music in a sack and it beating it to death with George Thorogood's mortgage statements...
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One of the workers at the kids' nursery is a lovely chap who sometimes leaves to go on world tours as a bass player with metal bands. Random, but true.

Today as I was playing guitar, Liv said, 'Manjoe sings us a song called "God gave Rock and Roll to you " at nursery'

So, we watched some music videos. 'Why is he jumping in puddles?','Why is he wearing makeup?', 'Are they really all boys?'

And then we spent 20 minutes playing 'rockgod', where I played an endless chours, and Liv sang and jumped in imaginary puddles. Edward (sleeping) and Hep were forced to pretend to be a stadium audience.

Excellent fun.

amazing music video from Genki Sudo

Genki Sudo is the embodiment of "big in Japan", he was a kickboxer, then a mma fighter, and now a recording artist. He was famed for his elaborate entrances and flamboyant style as a fighter. Basically, he is ace, watch the video. If you don't smile at least once, and go "blimey" at around 4:30 then you are probably dead...

Shoutin' and yellin'

On 31st October I will be fighting in an amateur mma tournament in, of all places, Hereford.

It's from noon-ish to probably 5ish, and they are running 8 man mma tournament for 5 weight classes. Guess which I am? :-)

If you want to come, let me know? Tickets are a tenner a go.

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